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Photo Tips

Try to submit a picture with no or minimal makeup.
Example of a Good Image
Face Forward
For a better estimation, make sure to face directly at the camera. Faces at an angle might miss a vital part.
Example of a Good Image
Well Lit
Good lighting in your image will prevent you from appearing older than you really are.
Example of a Good Image
Hair Pulled Back
Hair can block out important parts of the face that help indicate how old you look.
Example of a Good Image
No Smile
We always want to smile for the camera; but for an accurate estimation, please try to upload an image with a neutral expression.

What Makes Someone Look Older?

Example of Child Face Shape
Face Shape
The loss of elasticity thins the jawbone, narrowing the chin and causes the chin to droop.
Example of Forehead Wrinkles
Forehead lines appear when one tries to hold the brows and eyelids up to counteract these changes.
Example of Crow's Feet
Crow's Feet
Crows feet are wrinkles at the corner of the eyes that appear after years of squinting, laughing, and smiling.
Example of Lower Face
Lower Face
The muscles of the face, called “laugh lines”, are attached to the skin along the nasolabial line.

Images courtesy of IM Creator and Vratislav Darmek